18 November 2016

Driving video views: ODAC Blikkiesdorp Campaign

In November 2015 Edge assisted ODAC in a digital campaign centred around raising awareness of the informal settlement in Cape Town called Blikkiesdorp and getting people to watch the ‘Is Blikkies Home’ documentary that was written and produced by the ODAC team.

The documentary tells of the residents’ journey to gain access to the information around the plans the City of Cape Town has for them, where they are going to be moved, and when.


Collaborating across the multiple ODAC digital platforms we produced two blog articles about the campaign and then used Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to the ODAC website and to increase engagement and awareness of the cause.


The Facebook page saw incredible engagement with post share numbers reaching an incredibly large audience for very limited spend – the top post received 60 shares alone!

The Documentary resulted in 7 272 people watching the video for 3 seconds or more on Facebook and 1 703 people watched the video for 30 seconds or more.

Total video views to date:  
4 172