Open Democracy Advice Centre

The Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) is an NGO based in Cape Town that aims to promote open and transparent democracy, foster a culture of corporate and government accountability, and assist people in South Africa to be able to realize their human rights.

ODAC needed assistance with awareness campaigns to highlight the work they are doing and bring attention to the social justice issues they are supporting with their activities.

We began our relationship with ODAC through a series of social media training workshops which involved a number of NGO’s including the People’s Assembly, FunDza, SAFLII, AfricanLII and ODAC. The aim of these workshops was to develop their social media strategies and content planning and assist them in making the most out of their in-house resources.

Since developing this relationship we have also worked on two awareness campaigns for ODAC. One focused on a documentary produced by ODAC following a campaign they did for the Blikkiesdorp community. During this campaign we produced a number of blog articles for the ODAC website about the documentary and the greater Blikkiesdorp cause and shared this content across the ODAC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The second campaign focused on raising public awareness about the Alide Dasnois court case against Independent Newspapers. Through a series of blog articles loaded onto the ODAC website Edge Digital aimed to raise awareness of Alide’s case and the greater crux of the matter – freedom of press. The campaign was cut short due to a court settlement but the campaign still gained massive awareness of the issue at hand.